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Rest easy, One Direction fans! There’s no dramatic boy band breakup here.

Social media was blowing up over the weekend with a rumor that singer Niall Horan left the popular group, which first sparked when sites like Yahoo Celebrity UK and Sugarscape posted tweets claiming that Horan had opted to ditch his pals Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

The Yahoo UK tweet, which was posted yesterday, read, “Niall has left One Direction!!”
As you can imagine, Directioners went nuts over the “news,” and the hashtag #ReasonsNiallLeftOneDirection instantly began trending (however, wanting to pursue a career as an underwear model was not a suggestion, surprisingly). But Yahoo UK took to Twitter this morning to reveal their account was hacked and set the record straight on Niall’s position with the band.

“Morning everyone. Just so you know, Niall Horan isn’t in fact leaving 1D, our account was hacked last night. We repeat, Niall isn’t leaving,” they tweeted. “And it would seem that we weren’t the only ones either. @sugarscape were also hacked. Sorry for any upset this has caused.”

Meanwhile, Sugarscape tweeted, “So while we were fast asleep, it turns out some di–head hacked our account. VERY sorry for any heart attacks caused.”

And for those who are still unconvinced that Niall is here to stay, a Columbia Records rep for 1D told Billboard that there is “no truth to this rumor.”


Did you catch One Direction’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel? If not, check out the awesome interview here!

One Direction lit up the stage with their performances on the Today’s Show in November. Even though Zayn was at home sick, the other four rocked it! Check out some videos below!

One Direction performed their new song ‘Night Changes’ at the 2014 AMA Awards in Los Angeles. Check it out below!

One Direction had a big night at the 2014 AMAs tonight in Los Angeles, winning ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Favorite Band, Duo or Group – Pop/Rock’ and ‘Favorite Pop/Rock Album (for 2013’s Midnight Memories)’. Check out videos of them accepting their awards below!




The guys of One Direction are heating up the 2014 American Music Awards! While chatting with E! News on the red carpet Sunday, the hunky Brit boy-banders couldn’t help gushing about their love for one another. “It’s exciting to be here again, and exciting to see you again,” Niall Horan told Giuliana Rancic. “Super, super excited,” Louis Tomlinson added. “It’s great to be here.”
The 1D boys will be performing again this year during tonight’s AMAs show. When asked which celebs make them nervous on stage, Harry Styles dished, “Everyone. It’s an intense room.”

Niall added, “I remember last year, Dave Grohl was in the crowd and I remember thinking, ‘I’m really nervous.’ And we had just met Justin Timberlake for the first time just before we went on. I remember I was really nervous that time.”

As for which celeb makes band-mate Liam Payne scream like a 12-year-old girl, Liam turned to Louis and gushed, “You make me scream,” before letting out a sexy high-pitched squeal! “OK, that was quite sensual,” Louis responded before Liam grabbed Louis in a big bear hug and dragged him off the E! platform. How cute is their bromance?!

Meanwhile, the guys also opened up about meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton last week at the Royal Variety Performances in London. “I said, ‘Conrats on the child,'” Harry said of meeting the pregnant Duchess. “There isn’t a bump,” Liam chimed in. “She’s so, so tiny. You wouldn’t even tell.”

“I love her,” Niall said. “We were really nervous. We were chosen to kind of meet them when we were arriving. We were kind of put in an odd situation. They were really nice, really nice people. Exactly what we would have thought.”

Source: E! Online

One Direction have released the track list for their upcoming album, Four, out Nov. 17.

They’ve already released “Steal My Girl” and “Fireproof,” and fans can now check out the full 16-song list below. The guys also shared an announcement video that explained when people pre-order the album on iTunes, they’ll be able to get five tracks immediately, before the album’s official release.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.54.47 PM

Track List:
1. “Steal My Girl”
2. “Ready to Run”
3. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”
4. “18”
5. “Girl Almighty”
6. “Fool’s Gold”
7. “Night Chances”
8. “No Control”
9. “Fireproof”
10. “Spaces”
11. “Stockholm Syndrome”
12. “Clouds”
13. “Change Your Ticket”
14. “Illusion”
15. “Once in a Lifetime”
16. “Act My Age”

Check out their video announcement below.

Source: Billboard

1D’s new single has a throwback feel to ’70s arena rock, lavish production and a swoon-worthy chorus – but the cheesy lyrics should be thrown back, period.

It may be far from “The Best Song Ever,” but the kick-off single for One Direction’s upcoming album boasts a sumptuous production and a chorus guaranteed to make young girls around the world swoon.

“Steal My Girl,” which came out Monday and instantly shot to No. 1 on iTunes’ Song Chart, boasts a melody that sounds like it could have come off a ‘70s or ‘80s arena-rock ballad by Journey or Foreigner. The warmly synthesized arrangement also echos the style of that particular era of homogenized pop.

In other words, it’s an eager throwback, with credit given to two band members (Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson) as well as four outside writers.

That’s the same sextet who toiled over the group’s earlier hit “Best Song Ever.”

The music holds to One Direction’s lush, milk-fed style, a fall-back from the slight rock inflections that highlighted their last album.

The song is from the band’s new album, ‘Four.’
COLUMBIA RECORDS – Song off of their upcoming album Four.

The song’s lyrics push a consciously absurd storyline, one primed to snow their teen fans. The five guys fret over the potential for rivals to take their girlfriends away – a scenario as likely as these guys suddenly finding themselves alone on a Saturday night.

“Steal My Girl” precedes the boy band’s upcoming fourth album, inventively titled “Four.” It arrives November 17th.

Source: NY Daily News

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